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If you are a candidate of upcoming SSC exam 2023 and looking for a short ssc suggestion 2023 for your exam, you are absolutely in the right place. Students always in thrust for real ssc question paper 2023 somehow leaked by hacking. But this is not fair. We will provide you with an amazing suggestion just like an original question paper out by hack and you will surely get 100% common in the SSC exam.

If you follow the suggestion you are definitely going to make a brilliant result. And a brilliant result getting A+ is always helpful for your future academic progress and a bright career. Thousands of students are fighting for making a good result. You know there is a huge amount of lessons to study for the exam. But if you try to cover all these lessons in such a short time you will face problem. That is why a short and effective and better suggestion is all that you need. Exam is knocking at the door.

Time is going on very fast but you have to be well prepared for your exam. There is hardly any time to waste. So, don’t be late. Utilize your valuable time, download the following suggestion, make important notes, study attentively and take a wonderful preparation for your exam. Surely, a superb result is waiting for you. First of all, let’s download the SSC Routine 2023.

All Boards SSC Suggestion 2023 with all Subjects

There are eleven boards effective in our country. They are- Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Jessore Board, Dinajpur Board, Chittagong Board, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, Barishal Board, Technical Board, Madrasha Board and the Board of Bangladesh Open University. The eight general boards follow the same Syllabus design. But with a view to maintaining a fair and systematic public examination the boards arranges different question papers each year. But the exam is held simultaneously following the same routine and the result of all boards are also published in the same day. There are three groups of the SSC program – Science, Humanity and Business Study. But they include some common subjects.

For instances- Bangla 1st paper, Bangla 2nd paper, English 1st paper, English 2nd paper, Religion studies, General Mathematics and ICT. These common subjects are compulsory for students of all groups. Beside these common subjects students of science group have to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Higher Mathematics. Whereas the students of humanity have to study Civics, Geography, Economics, History of Bangladesh and World Civilization, Bangladesh and Global studies, etc. And the specific subjects for the students of Business Studies are Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship and Finance & Banking. On the other hand, religions subjects vary from students of different religion.

They are Hindu Dharma, Islam and Moral Education, Buddha Dharma etc. Furthermore, Physical studies, Agriculture studies and Home science, etc are some optional subjects that students choose according to their wish. In addition, Madrasa Education Board has their specific subjects. Students of Madrasah Board study Quran, Hadith and Arabic. Similarly, the Technical board has its own syllabus to follow on the SSC exam.

SSC Suggestion 2023 – All Subjects

01. SSC Routine

02. SSC Syllabus with Question Pattern

03. SSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion & Question

04. SSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question

05. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion & Question

06. SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question

07. SSC Math Suggestion & Question

08. SSC General Science Suggestion & Question

09. SSC ICT Suggestion & Question

# Science Group

10. SSC Chemistry Suggestion & Question

11. SSC Higher Math Suggestion & Question

12. SSC Physics Suggestion & Question

13. SSC Biology Suggestion & Question

# Business Group

14. SSC Accounting Suggestion & Question

15. SSC Economics Suggestion & Question

16. SSC Business Entrepreneurship Suggestion & Question

17. SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion & Question

# Humanities Group

18. SSC History of Bangladesh and World Civilization & Question

19. SSC Bangladesh and Global Studies Suggestion & Question

20. SSC Civics Suggestion & Question

21. SSC Geography & Environment Suggestion & Question

# Optional Subjects

22. SSC Islam and Moral Education Suggestion & Question

23.  SSC Hindu Dharma Suggestion & Question

24. SSC Agriculture Suggestion & Question

25. SSC Result 2023

Some Advice for SSC Candidates 2023

As the time for taking preparation is very short, time management is very important for a candidate. Without proper management of time even a good student may not touch their goal. That is why you must divide your time properly according to your subjects. You must complete your syllabus before exam. For this, you must understand which subjects should be studied for more time than other easier subjects. Difficult and important lessons are to be learned taking a longer time than the easier topics. You may follow a routine for your study to take a good preparation.

Time managing will help you to touch up the entire syllabus of your course. You may also consult with a good teacher and with your seniors for a good suggestion. But remember that you must practice your week sides again and again. For instance – if you are very good in Bangla and weak in English then you should give more time and emphasis on English before your exam. You will have to practice writing the important formulas repeatedly so that you may not forget those in the exam hall.

SSC Common Suggestion on All Subjects

Generally, it happens that the good students of science group remain busy with Physics, Chemistry< Mathematics etc and give a very short time to study Bangla and Religious subjects. And consequently, they fail to draw an A+ Mark in Bangla, Religion or Social Science. It hampers their whole result dangerously. So, never avoid these subjects thing as easier. You must practice the mcq part of these papers to cut a good figure. Writing style is also very important here. It is really very tough to have a good marks in the writing part of Bangla as students do not practice these writings randomly. So, follow the rules of writing large answers of questions also to be an all square student.

Similarly, the English papers also cover a wide range of syllabus. Students have to learn and practice a good number of grammatical items. It takes a long time to practice all these things as the writing part of English also contains a huge area. But we have arranged a short and easier suggestion of these papers which will help you reduce your problems. So, the strategy of making a good result is that you must try to get full marks in your mcq part of all papers and in your practical examinations. For practical part, prepare your practical khata in a nice way and draw your pictures clearly and beautifully.

Thus you may get full marks in practical part which will contribute to your final result very effectively. If you follow these strategy you will certainly be able to draw a good result in your exam easily.

Standard Writing For Perfect Preparation – SSC Exam

The most important thing that really matters is your answer scripts, your hand writing and the way of your presentation. So, your handwriting must be clear and fine. You must practice a lot in home for good hand writing. Your exam script should be neat and clean. You cannot change your hand writing throughout your script. So, avoid changing hand writing and making mistakes. Misspelling is a very bad habit. If your teacher finds a number of misspelled words in your papers then definitely you will get a lower mark.

So, be cautious of your spelling. What’s more you have to follow the rules of writing broad questions. You must have a good beginning, reasonable developing and a nice conclusion of your broad answers. It’s really a grand style of writing that attracts your teacher easily and helps you getting good marks. So, practice these kinds of writings in home again and again following the instructions and a good result will be waiting for you.

Day before the Exam

The day before your exam is really very important to act wisely. It is the final SSC Suggestion 2023. You are here now to take your final preparation. Time is very short and revising the whole book is really impossible. So, in this case you must follow our short suggestion which will really help you to cut a good figure. You must select the important chapters and important questions in such time. Revise the important rules and the formulas for your papers. As you cannot revise the whole book you must be choosy and cautious regarding which topics you must study in this crucial time.

Exam Exam Hall Preparation SSC 2023

Marks distribution is a very important thing. In the exam hall you must examine it carefully to select the right questions for you. There are some shorter and technical questions that bring out a good number. If you choose these answers smartly it will be benefited for you. On the contrary, there are some broader questions which cannot bring you a good mark comparatively. So, you must avoid these questions and be cautious of choosing questions in the exam hall. Time distribution is also significant here.

You cannot spend much time in answering a few questions keeping a very short time for other. You will have to divide your time properly so that you may get enough time to write all the questions keeping aside the time for your revision. You must finish your writing at least 10 minutes before the exam ends. It will help you to revise your writing if there is any mistake in your answer or in the serial number of your questions. Revising exam scripts is really a good habit and help you a lot to make a good result.

Correct Question Number and Complete Answer

To get your desired mark you must make your answers complete and informative. An incomplete and blunt idea cannot fulfill your teacher’s expectation nor will you get a good mark. And another important thing is that many students often write a good answer but they forget to write down the number of the questions or they write it wrongly. In such case, their good answers cannot meet their hope as the proper numbering of the questions is very important. So, don’t forget to check whether you have put down the serial number of your answers correctly. You should have the habit of confirming the correct serial number of questions before answering them.

SSC Exam 2023 Preparation

After completing your syllabus you may study the questions of previous years. You know there are some questions repeated given in the exam. These questions are very much important. If you follow these questions you will get a good number of questions common in your exam. But remember that there is hardly any possibility of repeating the questions of the immediately previous years. So, you may avoid these questions if you have shortening of time. Analyzing the questions of previous years is much helpful for a student.

You may thus get a clear idea of your question patterns. So, don’t forget to practice the important questions of several years repeatedly. However, tips are not same for students of all categories. The weak students cannot cover up the entire syllabus of the course. So, to make a standard language they have to follow a very short and easier suggestion. And in this case SSC suggestion 2023 is extremely helpful for them. If you follow these instructions you will certainly make an outstanding result in your upcoming exam and thus make your way to a bright future. So, why wasting time? Simply download the suggestions from our website and be prepared for your exam.

SSC Exam Knocking at the Door

You are really worried in your night before your exam day. But you should not be worry in this way nor should you study till mid night. Rather you need some nutritious food and a sound sleep in the night so that your body and mind may remain fresh in the exam hall. Strategy is very effective in such case. Don’t forget to arrange all the necessary elements for your exam For example – Pens, Pencils, Ruler, Admit Card, Geometry Box and Calculator if necessary. Make these things ready before your exam, make your mind fresh, follow our strategy and suggestions and you are definitely going to have a good result.

SSC Question Out 2023

In the recent previous years question papers are being out randomly which is really very shameful and pathetic for us. It is really a heart touching matter. Some dishonest people are behind it for money or bad intention. Some teachers and political leaders are also behind it. It is also sorrowful that there are some parents too who want a good result for their children by any means good or bad. They don’t understand that by doing so they are bringing danger for their own child. It may be real that they get benefit for the time being. But it’s also true that they suffer in the long run.

It is harmful for themselves, for other students and even for the whole nations. For such heinous activity good student cannot make a better result and get depressed and mentally affected. Thus they lose their interest in study and eventually they also try to follow the same decisive way. This system really demolishes the real talent of a nation. So, government should take proper steps to stop these crimes. Education should be fair to all. Students and guardians should be cautious of these things.



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