SSC General Science Suggestion & Question 2024 (100% Real)


Are you an SSC candidate of 2024 and worried about your SSC General Science Question Paper 2024 and Suggestions? Are you really looking for a short and helpful suggestion to make a brilliant result in your General Science subject?

Let’s Download: SSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question

Don’t worry at all. We are here with all the possible help for you for all the boards including Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Jessore Board, Dinajpur Board, Chittagong Board, Sylhet Board, Barishal Board, Rajshahi Board, Technical Board and Madrasah Board. We will attempt to provide you with all the important suggestions and necessary tips to make a good score in the subject. Ours is really a fruitful suggestion that will guide you to the proper way so that you may cut an A+ mark easily in the General Science examination in the upcoming SSC 2024? So, what are you thinking of? Don’t waste your time here and there in other websites you will find your easiest solution here in our site.

Just keep with us and follow the instructions and download our suggestion for your General Science exam. You are always welcome to download our short and effective suggestions here in our website.

SSC General Science Model Question 2024

05. SSC General Science Model Question – 05

04. SSC General Science Model Question – 04

03. SSC General Science Model Question – 03

02. SSC General Science Model Question – 02

01. SSC General Science Model Question – 01

SSC General Science Suggestion 2024

02. SSC General Science Suggestion – 02

01. SSC General Science Suggestion – 01

Why Following General Science Suggestion?

Dear student, if you are from science group then you may leave the group right now as it is no use for you but you may recommend our site to your friends from other groups because this site is applicable for the students of the groups of humanity and business studies. Okay, it’s a good question why one should follow the General Science suggestion. It must be admitted that General Science is really very hard to the non science group students. They often fail to cut a good figure in this subject as it is mainly a science related subject.

Compulsory Subjects – Suggestions

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In fact some students even fail to pass in the subject. So, if you want to make good in the General Science also then our suggestions and strategies are really very helpful for you. So, follow our suggestions and be relaxed with your General Science subject. If you are from science background, I do believe you would like ssc higher math suggestionssc physics suggestionssc chemistry suggestion and ssc biology suggestion

What You will Get Here

We understand your problem with General Science and that is why we have arranged this site in a suitable way for you so that you may get all of your important and necessary things here in an easier way. We will provide you with the Syllabus, Question Pattern, Marks Distribution, some previous years’ questions and some Model Questions also to make your practice easier. You will get all these files as a .doc, .pdf or .jpg format. You will be highly benefited with these elements for your upcoming exam. So, keep with us always and follow our instructions properly downloading your General Science suggestions in any format that you want from here. You are always welcome.

SSC General Science Suggestions 2024 for all Boards

There are eight general Education Boards under NCTB. They are- Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Jessore Board, Dinajpur Board, Mymensingh Board, Chittagong Board, Sylhet Board, Barishal Board and Rajshahi Board. We are here to provide you with General Science Suggestion for your upcoming SSC 2024 exam for all General Education Board. Really, we have worked hard to provide all the students of all General Board with their related suggestion. So, there is nothing to be worried about your board. You’ll get your General Science Suggestion for your own Board here. You will just have to download it from here. So, why being late? Let’s download the suggestion for your own board and get well prepared for the upcoming exam.

If you are from business/commerce group, I do believe you would like SSC Accounting SuggestionSSC Business Entrepreneurship Suggestion and SSC Finance Suggestion.

SSC Science Question Pattern and Syllabus 2024

You must have a proper knowledge about your syllabus, question pattern and marks distribution for your specific subject before taking preparation for it. If you don’t know your syllabus you cannot go the right way. If you don’t know the question pattern you will face problem in the exam hall. So, don’t do this mistake. Get a proper knowledge of your syllabus and question pattern before taking the preparation of its exam. You should be aware of the fact that NCTB often changes the syllabus pattern. So, ensure your own syllabus pattern before taking preparation of it. You may download your syllabus and question pattern here in our website. So, quickly collect your syllabus and question pattern along with our short suggestion. Just hit the button to download your syllabus and analyze it properly.

If you are from Arts/Humanities group, you may download the suggestions of SSC History of Bangladesh & World CivilizationSSC Bangladesh & Global StudiesSSC CivicsSSC EconomicsSSC Geography & Environment.

Marks Distribution of General Science in SSC exam 2024

You must know properly about the marks distribution of your exam. It will help you to manage your time in the exam hall. General Science exam is held for a full 100 marks in the SSC exam. You will have to attempt a MCQ portion which will be held for 40 marks with no option. 1 mark is dedicated for each question with no negative marking. And the other portion is the theoretical portion that will be held for 60 Marks. You will have to answer any 6 creative questions out of 9. Each question will be scored on 10 marks.

SSC Science Question Paper Out 2024

As an ideal student you mustn’t search for out question. It is really a bad habit. It may deceive you also as often it becomes false and thus wasting your time. If you rather use your time studying following our given suggestion you will be benefited most with a brilliant result even in the hard subject like General Science. And it is never appreciated to follow the deceptive way to make a good result for the time being. Remember that it won’t last long. Such students suffer in the long run and cannot do any good for himself or for his nation.

Strategy of Making Good Result

If you really want to make a good result you must follow some strategy. First of all analyze your question pattern and syllabus. Then read through your whole text and highlight the important sections. It will help you to be a master of your mcq part and to be logical in the written part also. Follow the questions of previous years and our suggestions carefully. You will get almost 100% common from here.

Preparation in the Last Night

Yes, we are talking about the time when exam is knocking at your door. You’ll have to attend your exam next day and there is hardly any time to waste. Don’t be tensed so much in such time. Your anxiety may hamper your exam. Rather have some healthy food and take rest. Don’t study till midnight otherwise you will feel sleepy in the exam hall and lose your energy. You must keep your strength and stamina for the exam hall. So, sleep early and go to your exam hall next day with a fresh mind. You will surely get an A+ mark in your exam. How about our suggestions? We really hope that you will be greatly benefited by it to be well prepared for your General Science exam in the upcoming SSC 2024.

If it also seems to you that the suggestion is really good and fruitful, then never forget to share our website with your friends. We are always dedicated to help you. So, remain with our website always to get all the updated Suggestions and Question Papers. Download our suggestions and take a wonderful preparation for your exam. Wish you a brilliant result in the upcoming SSC examination 2024.



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