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Are you in search of some effective suggestions for your SSC exam 2023? And do you want ssc English 2nd paper suggestion 2023 with question paper? Don’t waste your time in other web sites. You will find all of your expected suggestions, question paper and other necessary tips to make good in your English 2nd Paper exam in our web site. We are here to attempt to provide you with the very short and effective suggestions that will help you a lot to make a brilliant result.

Let’s Download: SSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question

Keep with us always to have all the updated suggestions and question paper for SSC 2023.

SSC English 2nd Paper Model Question 2023

01. SSC English 2nd Paper Model Question – 01

SSC English 2nd Paper Model Question 2023

01. SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion – 01

Why Following English 2nd Paper Suggestion?

English 2nd Paper is the most complicated subject of SSC program. A number of items should be attended in the paper. Students often find it very difficult to cut a good figure in the subject. And a good number of students compete every year to have a good result. So, to make a brilliant result easily among all students one must follow the strategy of making good in the English 2nd paper. In this case our English 2nd Paper suggestion is very much helpful. It will help you to have an idea of the question patterns and you will get maximum questions common from here. So, don’t be late, download our suggestions, carefully read through it and follow the instruction, you will surely be well prepared for your English 2nd paper exam, SSC 2023.

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Marks Distribution of English 2nd Paper exam in SSC 2021

A clear idea of marks distribution of your question is very important to be well prepared for your exam. If you want to cut a good figure you must know the question pattern and the marks reserved for each questions also. It will help you to manage your time properly in the exam hall and you will be wise enough to decide how much time you should spend on each question according to the marks of them. And especially for your English 2nd paper exam marks distribution means a lot for you to cut a good figure.

Let’s see the marks distribution of your English 2nd paper exam for SSC 2023. Generally it contains two parts – Grammar Part and the writing part. Grammar Part is hold for 60 marks and the other 40 marks is for your writing part. The following items are to be answered in your English 2nd Paper in SSC examination 2023.

Fill in the gaps with clues for 5 mark

Fill in the Gaps without clues for 5 mark

Substitution table for 5 mark

Right form of verbs for 5 mark

Change the Narrative style (From direct to indirect) for 5 mark

Transformation of sentences (change of voice, sentence pattern, degrees) for 10 mark
Completing sentences using conditionals, infinitive, gerund or participle for 5 mark

Use of suffix and prefix for 5 mark

Tag questions for 5 mark

Sentence connectors for 5 mark

Punctuation for 5 mark for 5 mark

Writing CV with cover letter for 10 mark

Writing Formal letters / e-mail for 8 mark

Paragraph Writing for 10 mark and

Composition Writing for 12 mark

And thus you will have to attend your English 2nd paper exam for 100 marks. There is no practical part or viva voice for the exam. So, when you will take preparation for it you must have a control over these items. If you are from business/commerce group, I do believe you would like SSC Accounting SuggestionSSC Business Entrepreneurship Suggestion and SSC Finance Suggestion.

What You Will Get Here

Only for your facility we have arranged here a number of tips to make you expert in English 2nd paper. Besides, you will get an effective short suggestion for English 2nd Paper 2023 along with the question paper of previous years. We have arranged some Model Test also for a better preparation. You will find here your syllabus containing clear marks distribution for your upcoming SSC 2023 exam as well. We always think about your problems and try to solve it as much as possible. And for your advantage we have all the files here as JPG, DOC and as PDF format also. You may download any one that seems easier to you according to your own choice. So, what are you thinking of and wasting time? Just hit the button and download any format you want and you will get your expected format easily.

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All Education Boards Suggestions

Are you tensed for your education board whether our suggestion will match yours? Don’t be tensed of it at all. We think about all the students of any Board. That is why we have arranged all the suggestions for all Education boards according to NCTB’s new syllabus pattern and marks distribution. There are eight regular boards effective under NCTB along with other three boards- Technical Board, Madrasha Board and the Board of Bangladesh Open University.

The regular eight Boards are Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Jessore Board, Barishal Board, Chittagong Board, Khulna Board, Dinajpur Board and the newest Mymensingh Board. We concern for all education Boards and you will find different suggestions effective for different Education Boards.

Download Your Syllabus for English 2nd Paper SSC, 2023

To have a good result in your exam you must collect your syllabus at first and read through it carefully. You should follow your syllabus because your exam question will be made according to your syllabus granted by NCTB. And be conscious of the fact that the syllabus pattern is often changed by NCTB. So, follow your own syllabus that is suitable for your own session year. You will have your syllabus in our website also. Just download the syllabus here to be well prepared for your SSC exam 2023.

Practice at Home for English 2nd Paper

You should practice your grammatical part more and more because these are the items you can draw full marks. You may also follow the previous years’ question and solve them again and again. On the other hand, for your theoretical part you will have to practice your free hand writing at home. We are offering a short suggestion here to practice which you may download from the following link.

Your skill of free hand writing will make you efficient of writing any topic in the exam, if by any chance you get an uncommon writing type. So, download the suggestions right now and start practicing it to be well prepared and make an amazing result in the English 2nd Paper examination, SSC 2023. Here we are providing you with the most important items for your writing part. Don’t forget to study these following items.

Suggestions for Writing CV with cover letter

To get a good mark in writing CV with cover letter you must analyze the standard format of writing a CV and A cover letter. You must practice writing it again and again. Make your handwriting clear and presentable to score a good figure in your writing part. These are some important items that may appear in your exam.

For the post of an English Teacher / Lecturer. (Syllhet Board 2015)

For the post of a Senior Officer in a private bank/ Financial Institute. (Jesshore Board 2016)

For the post of aLlibrarian of a reputed University. (Dinajpur Board 2016)

For the post of a Medical Representative in a well-known company. (Ctg. B. 2016)

For the post of a Cashier to the GM, ‘X’ Bank. (Comilla Board 2016)

For the Post of a Computer operator in a company. (Barishal Board 2015)

Suggestions for Formal Letter/Email

You must know the right format of writing a formal letter or email. You need not make it longer rather pay attention to the format and your handwriting. Make your elaboration brief and smart to score high. Practice the following items and hopefully you will get common from here.

Letter items->

To the Headmaster of your school for a full free-studentship / a financial help from the poor fund

To the Headmaster of your school for a testimonial

To the Headmaster of your school to set up a canteen / a multimedia classroom

To the Headmaster of your school for morning school

To the DC for relief and medical aid for the flood affected people

To the Headmaster of your school for increasing common room facilities / library facilities

To the Headmaster of your school to open a Debating Club / to organize a computer club

Email items->

To your friend to invite him to join the marriage ceremony

To the concerned authority to know more information about debating competition

To the concerned authority to cancel the ticket

To your friend to congratulate him on his brilliant success

To the Official Clerk asking for more information about admission

To your friend to thank him for nice gifts

To your friend to join a picnic

To the concerned authority asking details of the tour

To the HR authority to apply for the post with a CV through the mentioned e-mail address

To the railway authority to book a ticket / to reserve a seat

Suggestion for Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing is an important writing item. You must write a paragraph with a nice introduction following by proper development and ending in a smart and reasonable way. Practice the following important paragraphs for the English 2nd paper SSC Exam 2023.

Tree Plantation

Traffic Jam

Good Health

Importance of Learning English

Our School Magazine

Drug Addiction

Our National Flag

Merits and demerits of Internet

Natural Calamities

A book Fair

Suggestions for Writing Composition

Writing Composition holds the highest marks in the English 2nd paper exam. You should write a standard composition maintaining a proper beginning, development and ending. Write your essay in a standard way. Don’t make it too brief or too lengthy. Make it informative as much as possible. Here are some important compositions for you that may appear in your exam.

Wonders of Modern Science

Your Favorite Hobby

Importance of Reading Newspaper

Your Aim in Life

Childhood Memories

Journey by Train/ Bus/ Air


The Game you Like Most

Don’t Try to Get the Out Question before Exam

 In these days it has become a common attribute to hanker after the out question before exam. But it is never desirable. A number of dishonest teachers, some political leaders and some students and guardians are behind it. Even if the students may make a good result for the time being they cannot hold it for long. They surely suffer in the long run. It brings a dark future for them and for their nation also. So, don’t try to do this mistake. If you spend your time thinking about how you will get the leaked question, you will waste your valuable time in vain.

Rather spend your time preparing yourself at home, study properly following our suggestion and you will really be helpful with your result. I hope that our suggestions will help you a lot to take a better preparation and make a wonderful result. If you also think that the suggestion is really very good then don’t forget to share our site with your social media. Be always with us to get all the updated suggestions and model tests regarding your exam. Wish you best of luck.


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