SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion & Question 2024 (100% Real)


Before jumping deeper in to the SSC English 1st paper suggestion and question paper for 2024, let’s know some important facts. SSC exam is one of the most important and prestigious exams for the students of Bangladesh. Basically, SSC is the exam that decides your future as a college student. So, it is very important to do well in every subject of SSC if a student wants to get admitted into a reputed college. Among all the other subjects, English 1st paper is comparatively easy for those who have a little bit of knowledge about English.

Let’s Download: SSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question

But as it is a foreign language and most of our students come from Bengali Medium backgrounds, they do badly in this subject due to their lack of information and guidance.

SSC English 1st Paper Model Question 2024

01. SSC English 1st Paper Model Question – 01

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2024

05. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 05

04. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 04

03. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 03

02. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 02

01. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 01

But worry not because here we will provide you the 100% common suggestions for SSC 2024 English 1st paper alongside model questions and other information. The other information includes->

SSC 2024 English 1stPaper Question Pattern
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Marks Distribution
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Syllabus
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Suggestion for All Boards
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Suggestion for Dhaka Board
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Model Test
SSC 2024 English 1stPaper Model Question
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Question Out
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper NCTB Text Book
SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Final Suggestion

So, without wasting more time on boring descriptions, let’s jump into the main segment one by one.

SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

Having a good and clear conception of question pattern is very much important for a student of SSC, especially if it’s for English 1st Paper. If you have a good sense of question pattern then you can distribute your time in writing and revising. Otherwise, you will struggle with keep up with the clock. The question of SSC 2024 English 1st Paper will be divided into three different parts which are –

Reading or Seen Passage/ Comprehension
Unseen Passage

You may Download:

00. SSC Routine

01. SSC Suggestion with Question Paper

02. SSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion & Question

03. SSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question

04. SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion & Question

05. SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question

06. SSC Math Suggestion & Question

07. SSC General Science Suggestion & Question

08. SSC ICT Suggestion & Question

1. Reading or Seen Passage/Comprehension

The first part which is Seen Passage contains 4 questions and Question no 1 and 2 will be set from Seen Passage as you can assume from its title.

Question no 1 is ‘Choose the correct answer’will be of 7 marks. Question no 2 is ‘Answer the questions’ contains 5 questions and each of the five questions will be of 2 marks; in total 5×2=10 marks.

Question no 3 which is ‘Fill in the blanks’ will be carrying 5 marks. Question no 4 is ‘Information transferring’ which will be bearing 5 marks. If you are from science background, I do believe you would like ssc higher math suggestionssc physics suggestionssc chemistry suggestion and ssc biology suggestion.

2. Unseen Passage /Comprehension

Then comes the 2nd portion. Question no 5 is ‘summarizing’ which contains 10 marks will be set from Unseen Passage. Question no6 is ‘Matching- Completing five sentences should be bearing 5 marks. Question no. 7 is re-arranging and it bears 8 marks. If you are from business/commerce group, I do believe you would like SSC Accounting SuggestionSSC Business Entrepreneurship Suggestion and SSC Finance Suggestion.

3. Writing

The last part begins from here on Question no 8. Question no 8 is‘paragraph writing by answering the questions’ which bears 10 marks. Question no 9 is ‘completing story’ containing 10 marks as well. Question No 10 is ‘Describing graphs/ charts’ and Question no11 is ‘Writing informal letters/ e-mail/ writing short dialogue’. All of the questions from 8 to 11 bears10 mark for each.

SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Syllabus

Call it an irony of fate or a failed attempt of promoting education system, the Syllabus for SSC exams change more or less every year in our country. As a direct impact of it, students often find themselves in a tricky situation about what they should study and what they should not. English 1st paper is no exception in this case as well. That is why it is really important to know about your Syllabus for English 1st Paper if you want to obtain good marks in SSC.

Make no mistake and go to Education Board’s official website and check out the syllabus. Or, you can simply download it from our page also. If you are from Arts/Humanities group, you may download the suggestions of SSC History of Bangladesh & World CivilizationSSC Bangladesh & Global StudiesSSC CivicsSSC EconomicsSSC Geography & Environment.

SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Model Test

Taking model test exams is a very effective and reliable way to examine your preparations. Model Tests are like demo Final Exams which enhance your abilities to thrive in the exam hall.

For your comfort and easy preparations, here we have given a English 1st Paper Model Test Paper. Take the Model Test carefully and enhance your qualifications in English 1st paper.

SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Model Question

If you do not have enough time to sit for a Model Test Exam, we have got your back too. Solve these quick Model Questions for English 1st Paper to make sure that you have taken the best of your preparations.

SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Suggestion for All Boards

There are 9 Educational Boards for SSC Examination in Bangladesh. Which are-

Dhaka Board,

Barisal Board,

Rajshahi Board,

Chittagong Board,

Dinajpur Board,

Sylhet Board,

Jessore Board,

Technical Board

Madrasah Board.

Now, we will give you suggestions for English 1st Paper for every individual board. These suggestions are not any random assumptions; rather these suggestions are prepared by experienced and famous teachers from renowned schools and colleges of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Board

Dhaka board is known as the oldest and the biggest educational board in Bangladesh. As the members of biggest SSC exam community, the SSC Students of Dhaka board has to study more for doing good results and there is no alternative for that. Read these suggestions and you will walk one step ahead of your competitors in the exam.

Please download the suggestions and solve them as these questions have been set by the experienced teachers from the Dhaka Educational board. Also solve the previous year’s questions.

Chittagong Board

If you are a student under the Chittagong board, download the pdf of this suggestion paper and also revise previous year’s questions in order to get good marks in SSC 2024 English 1st Paper Exam.

Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi Educational Board is the Second largest board in Bangladesh when it comes to the number of total SSC candidates. That’s why, just like Dhaka, students under this board also have to compete with a greater amount of competitors in order to secure good marks. Download these Suggestions as pdf to do well and also solve previous year’s questions.

Jessore Board

Students of Jessore board have a good reputation for carrying good marks, especially in SSC English 1st Paper. If you want to keep up this reputation, take a look at these suggestions given below and collect previous years’ questions.

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