JSC Suggestion 2024 with Question (New Syllabus 100% Real)


If you are a student of class eight and looking for exclusive short jsc suggestion 2024 with question for your upcoming JSC new syllabus 2024 exam then stop looking other sites, you will find the important suggestions and question paper for your JSC exam 2024 here.

We are going to provide jsc suggestion 2024 jsc question 2024 along with jsc new syllabus 2024 pdf, question pattern, questions of previous years, all necessary tips to cut a good figure in your exam and some exclusive model tests for your best preparation.

So, remain with us to get all these important elements to make a good result in your exam. You can download JSC Routine 2024.

JSC Suggestion 2024 – All Subjects

01. JSC New Syllabus 2024

02. JSC Routine 2024

03. JSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion & Question 2024

04. JSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question 2024

05. JSC English 1st Paper Suggestion & Question 2024

06. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question 2024

07. JSC Math Suggestion & Question 2024

08. JSC Science Suggestion & Question 2024

09. JSC ICT Suggestion & Question 2024

10. JSC Bangladesh and Global Studies Suggestion & Question 2024

11. JSC Hindu Dharma Suggestion & Question 2024

12. JSC Islam and Moral Education Suggestion & Question 2024

13. JSC Buddhist Dharma Suggestion & Question 2024

14. JSC Khristo Dharma Suggestion & Question 2024

15. JSC Result 2024

You don’t need to be tensed so much. You will find here JSC suggestions for all subjects. Just download the suggestions and study carefully to make a brilliant result.

JSC Exam 2024

JSC or Junior Secondary Certificate examination is the second public exam of Bangladesh Education Board. It has been holding from the early twenty first century in Bangladesh. JSC exam 2024 will be held soon according to the schedule of NCTB. Really, JSC is a very important part of a student. It will open the door of your entrance to the secondary level. Your result will help you determine which group you should belong later in the SSC Session- Science, Humanities or Business Studies. Furthermore, JSC exam is also important to make you confident about the board examination which is very necessary for your SSC exam in later life. So, take your JSC exam seriously, follow our effective short suggestion and make a wonderful result in your JSC exam 2024.

JSC Suggestions 2024 for All Education Boards

There are nine general education boards effective in our country. They are- Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Rajshahi Board, Syllhet Board, Dinajpur Board, Barisal Board, Chittagong Board, Khulna Board and Barishal Board. JSC exam of all boards follow the same routine and same syllabus and question pattern. But the question papers of these boards are different. Millions of students take part in JSC exam each year. So, you see JSC exam is very competitive. And you must make a good result through competition with all these students. Follow our suggestions carefully which will help you in this regard. We are going to provide with all the suggestions applicable for all education boards.

Question Pattern and Marks Distribution

Before attending any exam you must know the question pattern and marks distribution of the exam. You will also have to follow the syllabus applicable for your session. You may collect your syllabus from the original site of the education board or you may also download your syllabus here from our site. We recommend you to download the syllabus and follow it before following the final suggestion. You must know that some subjects include mcq part and theoretical part both. So, be clear about your question pattern and marks distribution to manage your time in the exam hall.

Suggestions for MCQ Part of JSC Exam 2024

You know mcq part of any exam is the key to score the highest. You may even score the full marks here, which is almost impossible in the theoretical part. So, don’t be careless regarding it. Try to score a full mark in your mcq part. We recommend you to read through your text book thoroughly and highlight or underline the important part while reading. Try to understand which lines are important and may be appeared as mcq questions. You know there will be no question outside your textbook. Don’t forget to solve the questions of previous years. These questions often repeat in the board exam. You may also practice your mcq part in online model test we have arranged. Follow our suggestions. Surely you are going to have an A+ result in your upcoming JSC exam 2024.

Suggestions for Theoretical Part of JSC Exam 2024

Oh yes! It is really hard to score a good mark in the theoretical part. And every student hankers after a good suggestion to make good in theoretical part easily. Don’t be tensed we are going to provide you with all the tips to make good in your theoretical part also. First of all, what you must do is to read your text book thoroughly. Follow the question papers of previous years. These questions are very important for your upcoming JSC exam also. You may download these questions of previous years from here in our site also. So, hurry up. Don’t waste your time. Download these questions from here and take a grand preparation.

Suggestions for Writing Method

Oh, the horrible writing part! What to do? You must attend it also and score to get A+. But don’t worry, we are going to show you the strategy to make good in your writing method. To do good in your writing part, you must be alert of your marks distribution. In the exam hall, divide your time according to the marks distribution. It is always better to start with the easier questions and respectfully go to the harder one. It will help you to make a good impression to the examiner in the first part. Another important thing is that you should maintain a good starting with a reasonable development and finally give a wonderful conclusion to your broad answer. Maintain the unity, cohesion and coherent in your writing. It will really gift you with a good score. Try to maintain your time properly in the exam. Finish your writing at least 10 minutes before the exam ends and use the rest of your time to check your sheet if there is any error. Correct the wrongly spelled word. Never forget to check the number of the questions you have answered. Remember that your wrong numbering will give you no mark at all.

Follow Your Text Book not the Ebook

Oh, it really has become a fashion to study ebook. But it does not help you in real sense. Your printed text book is always more reliable and helpful to you. On the contrary, ebook will just waste your time and energy. And you know long time reading ebook is really harmful to your eyes and brain. So, give all your importance to your text book. You will get all of your questions common from here. So, don’t waste your valuable time behind these ebook. Rather read your text book carefully, follow our suggestions and be prepared for your exam.

Take Our Model Tests of all Subjects for JSC 2024

We have arranged a number of model tests of all subjects that will help you to practice more and more. You know practice makes a man perfect. If you take these model tests it will surely be helpful for your final exam. So, take these exams and take a grand preparation to make an amazing result in your JSC exam 2024.

Question Out of JSC exam 2024

And you are very much interested with these kinds of sites. Right? But dear student, it is never good to adopt any unfair means. This is really harmful for both the students and the nations. Good students lose their self confidence and interest of study due to these occurrences of question out. Sometimes, students hanker after the leaked questions and spend their time thus and finally they find it useless without getting any real question paper. Thus they lose their valuable time and finally get little time to be prepared for themselves. So, why doing so? You are always welcome to download our short and easy suggestions that will ensure you almost 100% common in your JSC exam question papers.  It will really help you to make a brilliant result of your own effort. So, never hanker after getting any leaked question, follow our suggestions carefully and make an amazing result in your upcoming JSC exam 2024.

Final Suggestion Before Your JSC Exam 2024

Don’t make it confused with the suggestions of your question paper. We are going to advise you here so that you may take your best preparation before your exam. When your exam is really knocking at your door and you are passing your last night before the exam, don’t get nervous so much. You need not study till midnight. It will make you sleepy in the exam hall. Rather have some healthy and easy digestible food and have a good sleep to remain fresh in the next morning. Go to your exam hall with a fresh mind. Don’t forget to keep your all necessary elements ready in the night before exam. Follow all our suggestions and necessary strategy to make a good result. Surely, you will get A+ in your upcoming JSC exam 2024.

Best of luck!


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