JSC Routine 2023 with New Syllabus for JSC Exam 2023


Hello students, I know you all are waiting for the jsc routine 2023 of the Bangladesh education board exam. This year you have to focus on the jsc new syllabus 2023 pdf. And the routine is just published by the education ministry of Bangladesh. So no more wait let’s download the jsc exam routine 2023 for your upcoming board exam.

You can download PDF for both the “jsc routine 2023” and “jdc routine 2023” as a pdf version. JSC and JDC exam was a newly arrived exam in the history of Bangladesh but it’s not anymore. From the last 6 years students need to attend to a board exam to reach the SSC level. So, obtaining good grades in the exam is also a great factor for the students.

Though the value of JSC exam is not as important as the SSC and HSC but still every exam is important for the candidates. And no students want to cut a bad figure in the exam. So, every student will take the exam seriously.

The Routine of JSC and JDC exam is basically as similar as the years before. It starts with the Bangla first paper and then the rest of the exams. Candidates will get 1 off day between every exam for their good preparation. In most years students get 2/3 days preparation day before the mathematics exam. May be in this year also board member will setup the routine like this. Candidates should be tensed about their routine because the routine is same for the students all over Bangladesh. So, there is nothing to be afraid of. All candidates need to do is just focusing on their studies so that they can get the best preparation before sitting in the exam.

JSC and JDC Exam 2023: Starting Date

Let’s know the starting date of the JSC exam. The JSC exam usually starts at the first week of November. So, this year it’s nothing different. As the date hasn’t been published yet directly from the education board so you can keep on looking the updates on our website. As soon as the board will declare the date we will publish the date. The exam starting date will remain same for every board. So, the exam will be started at the same day all over the Bangladesh. The routine will be published very soon by the board members. So, I think candidates should start taking their preparation. And for the preparation students can have the suggestions given in our website. This will help them for a better preparation.

JSC and JDC Exam 2023: Routine for all Boards

You all know that our country has 8 educational boards all over Bangladesh which are – Dhaka board, Chattagram board, Cumilla board, rangpur board, Dinajpur board, Barishal board, rajshahi board, Khulna board. There are some other boards like Madrasha board and technical board. The routine is same for all the boards except Madrasha board. So, no matter where you live or which board you belong you will be able to download your JSC and JDC exam from our website. If you are a Madrasha board candidate don’t worry you can have your JSC and JDC exam from our website too. Our website will provide JSC and JDC routine for all the candidates all over the country. So, keep patient till the routine is being published by the board members.

JSC and JDC exam Routine Download as PDF

Many students suffer collecting the routine for their JSC and JDC exam. In some cases students don’t understand how to download the routine or from where they should go for downloading the routine. For those students we will publish the result in PDF file also. So, it will be easier for the candidates to download the routine. Sometimes the pdf file takes time before downloading. In that case students should be patient once the server gets its destination it will start downloading. If still the download doesn’t appear then please write down the routine that is given above.

JDC Exam Routine 2023 in Bangladesh

JDC exam is actually the exam of Madrasha board. Being a muslim country a good number of students studies in Madrasha. The main subjects are basically Arabic which is different from the JSC candidates. For maintaining the educational system government has made a rule where Madrasha students attend board exams under JDC. Students of Madrasha board get their certificate by attending JDC. JSC and JDC exam is actually the same exam but JDC is for Madrasha students. Where there syllabus is also different comparing the JSC candidate. JDC candidates will also get their routine from our website.

JSC Exam Routine 2023 Bangladesh Education Board

JSC and JDC exam’s routine will be published by the education board of Bangladesh. Before every exam board members publishes routine with a comfortable date for the candidates. And only they have the rights to publish the routine. Without the education board no routine is acceptable. We follow the official education board of Bangladesh everyday and we only publish the news that is reliable. So, candidates will not have any confusion about their routine. The routine that will publish from our website will be 100% original.

BD JSC and JDC exam Routine 2023

Bangladesh is not only the country which education board takes JSC and JDC exam. Our neighbor country India also takes the JSC and JDC exam. As we all know google is a universal search engine so after searching on the web it may show up with some Indian websites also which is basically for the students of India. So, it’s an also a great factor to find the original JSC and JDC exam. For this students should go to the official education board website of Bangladesh or should focus on the updates of our website to get the JSC and JDC routine.

Download the JSC Routine 2023

JSC and JDC exam is just a month away. This is the time of publishing the routine of JSC and JDC exam. So, candidates now always search for the routine on the internet. But there is a lot of website from the google search suggestion so candidates get confused from which website they can get the original routine. For finding the routine education board website is the most reliable but still we publish routine in our website also so that candidates can have their routine beside the suggestions for their exam.

The routine will be published soon so students stop wasting your time just take the preparation. As soon as the routine will be published we will publish it on our website. Till then Good bye! And best of luck for your exam.



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