JSC Mathematics Suggestion & Question 2024 (100% REAL)


JSC math suggestion & question are available from now because JDC and JSC exam 2024 is just a few days away to be held. Candidates are taking their final preparation regarding the exam. For this they are looking for suggestions and model questions. In our website we are going to provide you the jsc math suggestion 2024 and jsc math question 2021 for all the boards.

Let’s Download: JSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question

Mathematics exam is a headache for all the JSC candidates. Not only the JSC candidates but also the candidates of all board exams are afraid of mathematics exam most. But it’s also very easy to get good marks in this examination. If candidates can have a proper suggestion script and proper guideline before the exam and well prepared then it’s really easy to get A+ in mathematics.

You can download the jsc routine 2024. If you want jsc all subjects suggestion, please follow the link.

JSC Mathematics Model Question 2024 

05. JSC Mathematics Model Question – 05

04. JSC Mathematics Model Question – 04

03. JSC Mathematics Model Question – 03

02. JSC Mathematics Model Question – 02

01. JSC Mathematics Model Question – 01

JSC Mathematics Suggestion 2024 (CQ)

05. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (CQ) – 05

04. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (CQ) – 04

03. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (CQ) – 03

02. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (CQ) – 02

01. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (CQ) – 01

JSC Mathematics Suggestion 2024 (MCQ)

05. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (MCQ) – 05

04. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (MCQ) – 04

03. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (MCQ) – 03

02. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (MCQ) – 02

01. JSC Mathematics Suggestion (MCQ) – 01

JSC Mathematics Question 2024

If you are a candidate of JSC exam 2024 and looking for some hot suggestions then it’s the right website for you. In our website we provide suggestions for all the board candidates and also for all the board exams. This year JSC and JDC exam will be held on the first week of November. So, students are taking their final preparation before the exam. And that’s why students need shortest suggestions to be well prepared before the exam. In this case we provide 100% common suggestions for the candidates. Our suggestion will be appropriate for all the boards, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Comilla, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Barisal, Jessore and Madrasah Board.

JSC 2024 Mathematics Question 

Model question is one of the major factors for the candidates. Before mathematics exam model questions are very important for them. Solving model questions increase a candidate’s confidence before the exam. Also solving these model questions increases the skills of answering properly in the examination. Solving too much model questions makes students experienced for the exam. For this we are providing some selected model questions for the candidates. It helps them in taking a good preparation. You are welcome to download JSC Agricultural Studies Suggestion and JSC Home Science Suggestion.

JSC 2024 Mathematics Suggestion 

 Math suggestions are the most important suggestions for the candidates. As all the math from the text book are not very important for board exams. So, Board candidates looks for math suggestions here and there. Mostly they collect suggestions from most experienced teacher. Some may follow test paper. In our website we are providing some suggestions for the JSC examines so they can find their suggestions by staying home just by visiting our website. The suggestion is same for all the boards. So, candidates from all over the country can follow the suggestion given below ->

JSC Mathematics MCQ Question and Suggestion 

Mathematics MCQ part is the toughest part for the students. Mostly students are afraid of this part of the exam. Few years ago there wasn’t any MCQ part in the mathematics exam. But from a few year board members has decided to include MCQ part in the mathematics exam too. In this part of the exam students has to answer 30 multiple choice question. These questions are given from the NCTB text book. Some short math problems are given to judge the basics of students.

As there are lots of math problems and information in the NCTB text book it’s difficult for the students to remember all those information. That’s why most students are afraid of this part. But if candidates solve model question then it won’t seem that difficult for them. As a matter of fact we are providing some shortest and toughest model questions for the candidates so that they can cut a good figure in MCQ part also.

You may also download the suggestions of JSC Physical Studies, Arts & Crafts, Work & Life Oriented Education, and JSC Result 2024.

JSC Mathematics MCQ Answer 2024

We have uploaded some MCQ model questions for the candidates. We know that for some questions student will feel difficult to find the proper answers of the questions. In that case we have uploaded the MCQ answer also for the candidates. By this they will be able to find the answers easily. You may also download the four main religious subject of Bangladesh, they are Islam DharmaHindu DharmaChristian Dharma & Buddhist Dharma.

JSC Mathematics Board Question 2024

In mathematics exam board questions are very important for the candidates. As questions from different board are not the same which indicates the math problems of these questions are also very important. So, if a candidate solves mathematics questions from all the board he/she won’t have any math undone. Which help candidates for taking a good preparation?  For this we are providing some questions from all the 8 boards of our country so that students can be well prepared for their upcoming mathematics exam.

JSC Mathematics Suggestion 2024

Every student follows a math suggestion before board exams. There are a lot of math available in the NCTB text book but all the math are not that important. That’s why students follow a suggestion. That’s why we are also providing some hot suggestions for the candidates which will be 100% common in the examination. This suggestion is important for students all the boards. As the NCTB text book is same for every candidate. So, the suggestion isn’t different for each board. If you are a JSC candidate then just download the suggestions and start to follow the given suggestion.

JSC Mathematics Question for 2024

Mark distribution is one of the major ideas students should have before sitting for the exam. Without having proper idea about the question it’s difficult for the candidates to do well specially in mathematics. There are two major parts of the question paper. 70 mark for subjective and 30 mark for MCQ questions. Below we are providing the mark distribution for the JSC mathematics 2024.

  1. Algebra    – 20 marks (candidates will have to answer 2 questions out of 3)
  2. Arithmetic – 20 marks (candidates will have to answer 2 questions out of 3)
  3. Geometry   – 20 marks (candidates will have to answer 2 questions out of 3)
  4. Statistics – 10 marks (candidates will have to answer 1 questions out of 2)

After these important math suggestions for each chapter is given below –

JSC 2024 Mathematics Syllabus Examination 2024

JSC syllabus isn’t fixed for every year. It changes year by year. So, students often become confused regarding the syllabus. But don’t worry in this site we will provide you the actual syllabus for the mathematics exam.

In subjective Algebra, Arithmetic, geometry, statistics are the four chapters. Each student will have to answer 2 out of 3 questions. But in statistics part there will be 2 questions given and students will have to answer 1. And this subjective part is containing of 70 marks.

In the objective parts there will be 30 questions given and students will have to answer all the 30. There will be 10 questions each from algebra and arithmetic part. And 8 questions form geometry and rest of two questions will be given from the statistics part.

JSC Mathematics Question 2024

In the questions there will be 2 parts. First one is the MCQ part and the second one is the subjective part. In subjective part there will be 14 math problems in total and students will have to answer 7 must. These 14 questions will be categorized in 4 parts. Three questions for algebra, arithmetic and geometry and two for statistics. Where, students will have to answer two questions from algebra, arithmetic and geometry and one for the statistics part.

JSC Question 2024 Mathematics

We have also given some formula questions for the candidates. So, students can have a proper idea about their question. If you are still confused about the question patter for JSC mathematics question then click the link below to see some questions from previous years.

JSC Mathematics Book pdf

In some cases if candidates don’t have the main NCTB text book then they can download the pdf file of the book from under the link below. But every student should carry a NCTB text book with them. It’s hard reading from a soft copy of book. So, it’s better to have a hard copy of the NCTB book. And education ministry provides free NCTB books for the students so they don’t feel any difficulties regarding the books.

Mathematics Book for JSC 2024

NCTB text book is the most important and basic study guide for the candidates. Board members will make the question from this. MCQ and subjective both parts will be given from the NCTB text book. So, no doubt it’s the most important book for the candidates. Students may follow suggestions from different board and solve various model questions but they need to remind NCTB is the main book for them. Student who has a great preparation over the NCTB text book will get the better marks in the examination. So, every student should have a good preparation over the NCTB text book.

JSC Mathematics Question 2024 for Dhaka Board

Question pattern remains same for every board. So, there isn’t any other patter for Dhaka board specially. But the question may vary by board to board. As we all know every board is independent by themselves. But all the board will give the question by following the given pattern in the syllabus. So, there’s nothing to be tensed about for the students of Dhaka board.


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