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JSC 2023 is approaching fast. In no time, JSC or Junior School Certificate exams will start. So we should download jsc ICT suggestion 2023 and jsc ICT question 2023. This is high time for candidates of JSC to take their final preparations. In order to do so, you will need best Suggestion and question papers. Today, we have come with the subject ICT or “Information and Communication Technology”.

Let’s Download: JSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question

So, if you’re looking for 100% common suggestions and the best model questions for JSC 2023 ICT, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get every information you need to know about JSC 2023 ICT including ICT Question Pattern, Marks Distribution, Syllabus, JSC 2023 ICT Suggestion for Dhaka Board, Model Test, Model Question, Question Out, ICT NCTB Text Book, Final Suggestion and other information as well. So, let’s not waste more time on descriptive words and let’s jump into the main action.

First of all, let’s download the JSC Exam Routine 2023. Then you can collect JSC Suggestion & Question for all Subjects.

JSC ICT Suggestion 2023

05. JSC ICT Suggestion – 05

04. JSC ICT Suggestion – 04

03. JSC ICT Suggestion – 03

02. JSC ICT Suggestion – 02

01. JSC ICT Suggestion – 01

JSC ICT Model Question 2023

05. JSC ICT Model Question – 05

04. JSC ICT Model Question – 04

03. JSC ICT Model Question – 03

02. JSC ICT Model Question – 02

01. JSC ICT Model Question – 01

JSC 2023 ICT Exam: Background and Importance 

When JSC exams were taken for the first time in 2011, there was no such subject called ICT. It was not included even after two more years. Finally in 2014, a new subject ICT was included in the new syllabus of JSC. The Educational Boards of Bangladesh for JSC took this decision combined as they though that in this modern era of Science and Technology a subject like ICT would build the base of digital and binary education for the students. The decision was indeed fruitful as most of the students nowadays can use the privileges of Internet and computer for this subject.

But as ICT is quite a new subject comparing to other subjects like Maths or Bangla, sometimes students find it very hard to answer. Many students have failed badly in this subject just because of the lacking of proper understanding. And as a result of that, their overall results have become miserable as well. That’s why, it is really important to do well this subject. Besides, ICT is not that much hard if you can finish all the selected texts from the Syllabus. So, all the students should collect the original Syllabus and finish reading it soon.

But where to get the Syllabus or how to download the pdf file? All Information about the Syllabus of JSC 2023 ICT is in the next paragraph. You may also download the four main religious subject of Bangladesh, they are Islam DharmaHindu DharmaChristian Dharma Buddhist Dharma.

JSC 2023 ICT Syllabus 

Syllabus is the direction of texts which students should read for the exam and what they should not. If a student doesn’t follow the Syllabus, he will not know which chapters are must read and which chapters to spare. Because of that, he will forcefully have to read all the chapters of ICT NCTB Text Book which is completely unnecessary and certainly a waste of time.

But sadly, in our country, Syllabus of ICT for JSC changes quite often. In last 4 years, the Syllabus has changed unbelievably, three times. But it is not a surprise as our education methods are still in their experimental levels. Educational Boards of Bangladesh keep up changing the Syllabus and the way of the chapters are written because they want to determine what’s better for the students.

Undoubtedly, this is a very noble initiative but students often find themselves in a tricky situation where they cannot understand what to expect in the question paper. But fortunately, this year there will be no such changing and the Syllabus. It will remain just like it was last year. Go to the Educational Board’s official website to download the original Syllabus from there. Or, you can download the Syllabus of JSC 2023 ICT from here on our website.

Now, After the Syllabus, let’s talk about the Question Pattern and Marks Distribution systems. You are welcome to download JSC Agricultural Studies Suggestion and JSC Home Science Suggestion.

JSC 2023 ICT Question Pattern and Marks Distribution 

Just like the Syllabus, Question Pattern and Marks Distribution are also very important. Knowing about the Question Pattern is so essential because Question Pattern tells you how the questions are distributed throughout the Question Paper. Without having a clear conception about the questions, it would be unwise to sit for the exam. On the other hand, Marks Distribution is another important thing to know about because it tells you how the marks are distributed throughout the questions. Having a clear concept about the Marks Distribution is so important because it helps you to determine the easy and hard questions and also helps you to keep up with the time.

However, in the ever changing educational method of Bangladesh, the Question Pattern and Marks Distribution methods are also changeable by the Examination Committee. Though there is no such announcement yet, it can be changed anytime.

But for the time being, the exam is to be taken in the ‘Creative Educational Method’ and the exam will be divided into two different segments. First, the students will have to answer the ‘Writing Portion’ which contains 60 marks. There will be 8 questions given and the candidates will have to answer 6 questions in total. Every question contains 10 marks.

After that, comes the MCQ or ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ which contains 40 marks. A candidate must answer all the short questions here by choosing the right answer from 4 answers. There will be 40 questions in total and each question contains 1 mark. Again, go to the Education Board’s Official Website and download the ordered the original Question Pattern and Marks Distribution sheet or simply, download the pdf file from here. You may also download the suggestions of JSC Physical StudiesArts & CraftsWork & Life Oriented Education, and JSC Result 2023.

JSC 2023 ICT Suggestion for All Boards 

There are 8 individual Educational Boards for JSC in Bangladesh. They are-

Dhaka Board

Rajshahi Board

Chittagong Board

Comilla Board

Barisal Board

Dinajpur Board

Jessore Board

Madrasah Board 

As every board’s question is different than the other one, Suggestions can be very much helpful for the candidates of JSC. A collection of good suggestions can be the game changer for ICT. Keeping that in mind, we are providing you the best suggestions for JSC 2023 ICT with a 100% common probability.

Our team of experts have collected these vital suggestions from all over the country for every individual board including the Dhaka Board and exception Madrasah Board. These suggestions are not any random picks; these questions are set by the best teachers of JSC from renowned schools. That is why, read these suggestions carefully if you want to carry good marks in JSC 2023 ICT exam.

JSC 2023 ICT Questions for All Board 

Once you finish up reading the suggestions, you should check out these best model questions for JSC 2023 ICT. Here we have organised these model questions according to the requirements of every individual board of the country. Just like the suggestions, these model questions are also set by the expert teachers from all over the country. Download the question papers from here as pdf files.

JSC 2023 JSC Question Out and NCTB Textbook

This Question Out trend started a few years ago when some notorious hackers willingly leaked the original question papers of JSC. Since then, students try each year to collect leaked questions. Some of them spread rumors that they’ve found real questions and thus the whole student community wastes their time instead of reading.

This heinous trend must be stopped because cheating is never a good option. Even if somebody gets leaked question, he or she should refuse to take it as they should understand that they’ll suffer in the long run.

There is no alternative of the NCTB ICT Textbook. Instead of wasting time online for leaked questions, they should revise the Final Suggestions.

JSC 2023 JSC Final Suggestion 

Though there’s a big possibility that all of the questions might come from these final suggestions, still, a few questions might come from out of it. You should understand that question papers are unpredictable and might come from any part of the text book.

That is why; only solve these final suggestions after you finish reading the entire ICT textbook. Good luck, candidates!


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