JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion & Question 2023 (100% REAL)


Are you a JSC candidate and worried of your English 2nd paper exam? Really it’s a very difficult subject to score good. But don’t worry as long as we are here to help you. You will find the very effective and short suggestion of English 2nd paper for JSC examination 2022 in our site.

Let’s Download: JSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question

JSC exam question paper for English 2nd part will be also found here. Just remain with us to get all the exclusive short suggestions and strategy to score good in English 2nd paper of JSC examination 2023. First of all, let’s download the JSC Exam Routine 2023. Then you can collect JSC Suggestion & Question for all Subjects.

JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2023

04. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion – 04

03. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion – 03

02. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion – 02

01. JSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion – 01

JSC English 2nd Paper Model Question 2023

01. JSC English 2nd Paper Model Question – 01

JSC English 2nd Paper Final Suggestions and Question Paper 2023

If you are looking for a final suggestion of English 2nd paper that will really help you to get 100% common in your exam then don’t go anywhere. We will provide you with all the short suggestions and question paper of English second paper of JSC examination 2023. Just remain with us always, download our exclusive short suggestion and question paper and be prepared finally for your upcoming English 2nd paper exam of JSC 2023. You may also download the four main religious subject of Bangladesh, they are Islam DharmaHindu DharmaChristian Dharma Buddhist Dharma.

JSC English 2nd Paper Short Suggestion 2023 for All Education Board

Don’t worry about your education board. We are concerned for all education board effective in Bangladesh. We are going to provide you with English second paper short suggestions for all regular education Boards- Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Rajshahi Board, Sylhet Board, Chittagong Board, Barishal Board, Khulna Board, Dinajpur Board and the newest Barisal education Board along with the Madrasha Board that arranges JDC exam.

All these boards will follow the same exam schedule and same syllabus. But the question paper of JSC and JDC exam 2023 will be different to each board. That is why we aim to provide you with the different suggestions applicable for different boards. JDC students will also find their English second paper short suggestion and question paper for JDC exam 2023. You are welcome to download JSC Agricultural Studies Suggestion and JSC Home Science Suggestion.

JSC English Second Paper 2023 – Real Question

Yes, exam is knocking at the door and students are very much interested to get a very short and effective suggestion for English second paper that will work almost as real question paper of English second paper of JSC 2023. We know that both the students and guardians take the JSC and JDC exam seriously as it is a public exam. That is why it is always helpful for them to get an effective short suggestion like real question paper of JSC 2023. But such a suggestion is really hard to create.

Still we have tried our level best to provide you with the best suggestion of English second Paper JSC exam 2023 due to the students’ huge request. So, if you want to get a suggestion like real question paper download our English second paper short suggestion for JSC exam 2023 from here, it will really be benefited for your upcoming JSC exam 2023. You may also download the suggestions of JSC Physical StudiesArts & CraftsWork & Life Oriented Education, and JSC Result 2023.

Our Contribution for English 2nd Paper Suggestion JSC 2023

Ours is really an exclusive and effective short suggestion that will help you much to get almost 100% common in your JSC exam. It will seem to you a real question paper hacked and out question of JSC exam 2023. Actually, we have researched a lot before making this short suggestion. We have discussed with many experienced senior teachers also who know best about the question paper of English second paper of JSC 2023.

Furthermore we have taken into account all the important test papers of JSC 2023. Only after all these procedures we have been able to create this short suggestion like a question paper out of JSC exam. So, why missing this opportunity? Exam is very near to your hand. If you want to take the best preparation then download our English second paper suggestion right now.

Marks Distribution of English Second Paper JSC exam 2023

Oh, yes! It’s the most important thing to know before sitting for an exam. To make a good result in your English second paper JSC exam 2023 you must know the marks distribution of it. English second paper exam of JSC 2023 will be held for 50 marks only. There are two sections- Section A for 30 marks and Section B for the rest 20 marks. You must know section A will be held for the grammatical practice and Section B for the writing test. Let’s see the proper marks distribution below.

Section: A

Use of Articles- Marks (0.5×6=3)

Use of Prepositions- Marks (0.5×6=3)

Substitution Table- Marks (1×4=4)

Direct and Indirect Speech- Marks (1×4=4)

Changing Sentences- Marks (1×5=5)

Punctuation and Capitalization- Marks (0.5×6=3)

Use of Suffixes and Prefixes- Marks (0.5×8=4)

Gap Filling with Right Form of Verbs- Marks (0.5×8=4)

Section: B

Writing Formal Letter or Email- Marks 08

Writing Composition- Marks 12

Suggestion for Time Management in English 2nd Paper JSC exam 2023

Oh! it’s time that is the most cruel thing in the world- Once gone never comes back to you. So, be very much careful of your time distribution in the exam hall. Manage your time according to the marks distribution. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily. If you do not use your time properly your examiner will snatch your answer sheet away from you as soon as the time ends. So, remain alert of it and try to finish your writing almost 10 minutes before the exam time finishes.

And use this last 10 minutes to revise your answer sheet. If you find any mistake in your spelling or Grammar correct it. And check your serial number of questions. If you do mistake in writing the serial number of your answer you will receive no number for it, no matter how much good your writing is. So, be cautious about managing your time to do well in your English 2nd paper JSC exam 2023.

Suggestion for Grammar Part of English 2nd paper JSC 2023

Yes, grammar part is the main item to score good in the English 2nd paper exam. Try to snatch the full 30 marks in your grammar part. It will help you to get A+ easily. We recommend you to practice your grammar part as much as possible. It really greatly depends upon your practice. And don’t forget to practice the questions of previous years. It will help you to solve the grammar part easily. We have arranged some model tests also for your better practice. Don’t forget to attend these Model Tests to score good in your grammar Part.

Suggestion for Written Part of English 2nd paper JSC 2023

Really it is very tough to score well in the written part of English 2nd paper. But we will help you with proper guideline. To score a good figure in your writing part, practice free hand writing as much as possible. And try to give a nice introduction following by a proper development and conclude it maintaining coherent and cohesion to make your writing standard and attractive to your examiner. Here are some important suggestions for your writing part. Don’t forget to practice these before attending your exam.

Suggestions for writing formal letter: Practice writing formal letter on following subjects to the concerned authority.

For opening a common room/ Debating club/ Reading room/ English Language Club/ Literary Club

For morning School

For full free studentship/ Help from the poor fund

For a Seat in the School Hostel

For Permission to arrange a study tour

For sinking a tube well in your village

For a Transfer Certificate

Suggestions for writing emails: Practice writing emails on following subjects to the concerned authority.

To Father for some money

To friend to know about annual cultural day

To friend thanking for presenting a nice gift

To book a railway ticket

To friend congratulating on his brilliant success

Suggestions for Writing Composition: These are very important compositions that may appear in your English 2nd paper exam JSC 2023. So, practice these carefully.

Duties of a student

My Aim in Life

The Game you like most

The season you like most

Your Favorite Hobby

Physical Exercise


A Village Fair

A Journey by Boat/ Train/ Bus

Population Problem of Bangladesh

Don’t Try to Get JSC Exam Question Out 2023

It is really a matter of great regret that our students are now always trying to get the hacked question or leaked question of public exam. It is really very shameful act. Students should not do these kinds of unfair things. And the most important thing is that if you follow our short suggestion you won’t need to get the question out of JSC exam 2023. Our suggestion itself reflects the real question paper of JSC exam 2023. Then, why adopting unfair means? Follow our suggestions and you will surely be able to earn your dreamed result in the upcoming JSC exam 2023. All you need is to download our suggestions and follow it carefully. All the best wishes for your upcoming JSC exam 2023!


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