HSC Physics 1st Paper Question & Suggestion 2023 (100% Real)


All the examines of 2023, science group, are heartily welcomed to our site. Today our cup of tea is hsc physics 1st paper question 2023 and physics 1st paper suggestion 2023. It is known to us all that the syllabus of HSC examination is very huge and your time is very short. It becomes almost impossible to complete the whole syllabus within such a short period of time. The whole time is passed to complete the syllabus and in the end there hardly remains any time left for revision.

It is even tougher for the students of science group. In the science group, except ICT, all the subjects have two papers each. There are so many things in your syllabus that you often feel devastated. Most of you stuck between the vast syllabus and the short period of time. That is why time is very much important in this level. Here if you don’t study from the beginning you won’t be able to cover it up later.  So, to complete the syllabus fully and for an excellent preparation you have to adopt some strategies.

You must be thinking about which strategies are to be followed for a good result. Don’t worry. You don’t have to think about these things as long as we are here in charge of your guidance. Stay with us and become a member of our family, we will put you in the right track.

Today we are going to discuss about your Physics 1st paper, the subject which seems to be a nightmare to most of you. But don’t worry we will transform this from your nightmare to sweet dreams. Let’s download the suggestion for all education boards of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chattogram, Cumilla, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Barishal, Jashore, Technical and Madrasah Board. First of all let’s download HSC Routine. After that you can download HSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question.

HSC Physics 1st Paper Model Question 2023

01. HSC Physics 1st Paper Model Question – 01

HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

05. HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion – 05

04. HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion – 04

03. HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion – 03

02. HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion – 02

01. HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion – 01

HSC Physics 1st Paper Syllabus Examination 2023

In your 1st paper, you have to study vector, dynamics, energy, waves, theories of gases etc.  These are the basic of physics. That is why your 1st paper is easier than your 2nd paper. You will have to answer the questions from two sections in the board exam. These are-the written part and the MCQ part. Out of 7 creative questions you will have to answer 5 questions and in the MCQ part there will be 25 questions. Your written part will contain 50 marks and the MCQ will be of 25 marks. Other 25 marks will be added from your practical exam. There will be 2 hours and 30 minutes for completing the written portion and 25 minutes for the MCQ section. If you are from science background, I do believe you would like hsc higher math suggestionhsc physics suggestionhsc chemistry suggestion and hsc biology suggestion.

HSC Physics 1st Paper Suggestion 2023

You can download the Physics 1st paper suggestion for HSC 2022 from our site for a better preparation. If you keep it to yourself, then you don’t have to look for suggestions here and there at the eleventh hour and waste your valuable time. Physics is a mathematics based subject. So, you have to practice all the math related questions from your books or other sources.  You will also find these types of questions with answers and explanation for your better understanding. These questions are also available in various guide books. But remember that these guides are published in a hurry. That is why these are full of mistakes.

Compulsory Subjects – Suggestions

00. HSC Routine

01. HSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion

02. HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion

03. HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion

04. HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion

05. Higher Math Suggestion

06. HSC ICT Suggestion

But we have prepared the answers of these questions from reliable source and reviewed them by some experts. For this reason, you will find our contents more trustworthy and better than the others. So, students, as there is no scope of wasting time in HSC, quickly download the suggestions from our site and start practicing. We have organized the HSC 2023 physics suggestion just according to your needs. If you are from business/commerce group, I do believe you would like HSC Accounting SuggestionHSC Business Entrepreneurship Suggestion and HSC Finance Suggestion.

Suggestions for the Written Part

In your written part almost every creative question will have mathematical problems. So, while taking preparation put emphasis on this part. Physics doesn’t require any narrative things. Give your answer to the point. First read the questions carefully and try to understand what is wanted in your answer, and then start writing. Read your text book carefully and avoid memorizing things without understanding the basic. This won’t cone to any use in the exam hall. If you don’t understand the basics, you won’t be able to do well in the exam. And again, keep in mind that this is Physics, not English or Bangla so that you will interpret according to your will.  This is physics and you can’t write the laws and rules in your own way. You have to follow the book. Keep these things in mind and go ahead.

HSC Physics 1st Paper MCQ Question and Suggestion

MCQ plays a vital role in the exam. For doing well in the MCQ you have to know as much information as possible. In your exam you will only get 25 minutes for completing 25 MCQ. Again there will be mathematical problems to solve. So, for completing the MCQ in time including the mathematical terms some short tricks will be of great help for you. In our site you will get plenty of these tricks and you will also find how and where to use these things correctly. Beside the MCQ questions, Physics 1st paper MCQ answer, 2023 is also given here for your help. Practice these things and you will be able to overcome your lacking. Here HSC question 2023 Physics plays a vital role in your preparation.

HSC 2023 Physics 1st Paper Question

Physics question for HSC 2023 examination is a part and parcel of your preparation. Always remember that, no matter how brilliant you are, if you do not keep on practicing there is a chance of forgetting things. In this case practice is a must for doing well in the exam. That’s why; we have arranged a lot of model questions for your better practice. These model questions are highly qualitative and are sorted out from the best available questions all over the country. So, get these questions and start practicing before it is too late. We have published here all the important questions which have a possibility of coming in the exam. For this reason, HSC Physics question 2023 bears so much significance for you.

HSC Physics 1st Paper Board Question 2023

Chattrogram, Cumilla, Barishal,  Jashore, Bogura, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Technical and Madrashah are the educational boards of Bangladesh. Each board set question different from each other. But all the boards follow the same question pattern. So, no matter from which board you are, our model questions are applicable for you all. For this reason, feel free to follow the questions and suggestions of our site.

Physics 1st Paper Question 2023 Dhaka Board

You know that of all the educational boards of Bangladesh, the questions of Dhaka board are the most important of all. Almost every student follows the questions of this board. That is why; here we have collected all the Dhaka board questions. Get it from our site and save the documents for practice.

HSC PHYSICS 1st Paper Book Pdf

Physics1st paper book for HSC is necessary for you. You will find it in our site.

Questions Leaked

Physics question HSC 2023 may leak. But please avoid these things. In fine, we wish you best luck for your exam.


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