HSC ICT Question Paper & Suggestion 2024 (100% Real)


Before discussing on hsc ict question 2024 and hsc ict suggestion 2024, I like to ask some question. Dear HSC candidates, are you pretty much worked up about your preparation on ICT exam? Are you looking forward to some guidance and need a little bit push up for your better preparation?  Then you are exactly at the right place. Dear candidates, in our site we have organized all the tips, suggestions, model questions and other information orderly just according to your needs.

Even every small detail has been put here for your better understanding. So, those who were diverted by fear and frustration look into our site carefully and then see the outcome.  Here we have tidy up all the things and have arranged everything so neatly and easily that after going through our site attentively you will become a master in ICT.

So, enough of wasting time on collecting information required for the exam, just get all these things downloaded from our site and   start cramming for your examination. Let’s download the questions for all education boards of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chattogram, Cumilla, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Barishal, Jashore, Technical and Madrasah Board. First of all let’s download HSC Routine. After that you can download HSC All Subjects Suggestion and Question.

HSC ICT Model Question 2024

01. HSC ICT Model Question – 01

HSC ICT Suggestion 2024

05. HSC ICT Suggestion – 05

04. HSC ICT Suggestion – 04

03. HSC ICT Suggestion – 03

02. HSC ICT Suggestion – 02

01. HSC ICT Suggestion – 01

HSC 2024 ICT Question 

For a good preparation you must need ICT question for HSC 2024.  Question papers are those which are made following the pattern of your board question.  Analyzing various model questions is mandatory for every student if they want to obtain good results. Model questions are mainly collected from various renowned colleges all over the country. ICT question HSC 2024 is given here for you. But these questions are published after the pre test exam. But you won’t be able to cover everything within this short span of time. In addition to this, the previous year questions have an important role in your preparation. You will find these questions in various guides available in the market.

If you are from science background, I do believe you would like hsc higher math suggestionhsc physics suggestionhsc chemistry suggestion and hsc biology suggestion.

But the solutions which are given there are not up to the mark. But there is nothing to worry. We are here to take care of these things and provide you the best guidance.  Here we have prepared standard solutions to these questions and you will also find easy explanation of every answer.  These solutions are reviewed by experts. So, you can trust this. If you practice all the model questions from our site you will be able to answer any question, no matter how twisted and tricky it is! These HSC question 2024 ICT will be of great use to you. So, analyze these questions and find out your lacking.

So, students shake a leg and download these things through   the given link.

HSC 2024 ICT Suggestion 

Your examination is knocking at the door and we are sure that you must be looking for the ICT suggestion for HSC 2024. Here we have prepared a suggestion for you. Today we are living in an age of science .I this modern era, almost all of we know the basics of technologies like mobile, computer etc. Nowadays even kids of 2-3 years know various functions of smart phone. That is why; many of you do not take this subject seriously thinking that you are good at using technologies. But get one thing clearly that, using something and knowing its function are totally different things.

Just like, everyone can eat delicious food but everyone doesn’t know how to cook it. Similarly, you may be an expert in using modern technologies but most of you do not know its procedure. ICT deals with not only the basic of various devices but also its structure, working procedure and other necessary things. For these reasons, in the HSC level ICT subject is rather tough just like Physics or Chemistry. So, it is better if you pay heed to this subject from now, otherwise there is a huge possibility of screwing up your result.

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In our site, the difficult topics are discussed in a easy way. Here we have given a lot of tips for doing well in your exam hall. The twisted topics like structure and mechanism of various devices, the binary number, web designing, and programming are represented here in a simple and understandable way. There are also some tricks which will be very helpful during solving math problems. Get all these things downloaded from the link below get yourself ready for the battle.

Read the book with great care. In this subject there are many difficult topics like web designing and programming. Read these areas again and again. Don’t memorize these blindly as it won’t come to any use in the exam hall. Try to understand the main points. At first you will make mistakes, but it’s okay. We are always here to correct your mistakes and lead you to the right direction. Stay with us and be a part of our success.

Compulsory Subjects – Suggestions

00. HSC Routine

01. HSC Bangla 1st Paper Suggestion

02. HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestion

03. HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion

04. HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion

05. Higher Math Suggestion

06. HSC ICT Suggestion

HSC ICT Syllabus Examination 2024

Knowing the HSC ICT syllabus examination 2024 is mandatory for you. That is why, here we have discussed about your syllabus, time and mark distribution so that you can download it from here and you do not need to search here and there wasting your precious time.

In your ICT exam there will be 5 creative questions and 25 MCQ.  Each question will carry 10 marks with 50 marks in total and the MCQ part will be of 25 marks another 25 marks are in the practical section which will take place after your exam. You will be given 2 hours and 30 minutes for the written portion and 25 minutes for completing the MCQ. Proper distribution of time plays an important in the examination. So, distribute your time for each question mentally before the exam begins and complete your answer. This will help you to finish your writing in time and will also leave some time for your revision.

HSC ICT Suggestion 2024

You must be looking up for the HSC ICT suggestion 2024. In our site we have already published the suggestions.  Download it from the link below. And one thing we want you to know is, no matter how good our suggestion is, don’t depend on it blindly.  You must read everything and our suggestion is for your last moment preparations. We have given our suggestion just to show you the important things for the exam.

HSC ICT Question 2024

Here we have sorted out some important HSC ICT Question 2024. This will be of great help for you.  So, get these questions from here and keep on studying.

HSC ICT Suggestion for the Written Part 2024

Keeping your needs in mind we have made “HSC ICT Suggestion for the Written Part-2024” ready for you. Suggestion for the written part plays a vital role in your preparation. For doing well in the written part, analyze more and more model questions and board questions. In your question paper there will be at least one question with mathematical problem in it. That is why practice the mathematics part carefully. Don’t elaborate your answer unnecessarily. Give your answer to the point. First try to understand what is wanted in the question then write the answer accordingly. Learn to draw the logic gates. Questions are often set from this area. So, don’t escape these things as it can bring you full marks if you can answer it correctly. Read the board book thoroughly and practice the previous year questions.  These are enough for your written preparation.

HSC ICT MCQ Question and Suggestion 

HSC ICT MCQ question and suggestion is given here. Take a quick look and learn the tricks of answering questions correctly.

For the MCQ part there is no alternative to board book. Try to remember as much information as you can from the book. But often questions are twisted a little bit. For preparing on these type of tricky questions,  you have to practice a lot. We have a good number of these types of questions in our collection which we have published here for you. Download these things and read these.

HSC ICT MCQ answer 2024

Besides providing you with the questions, here we have also given you the HSC ICT MCQ answer 2024 so that you don’t have to look for answers in the book.

HSC ICT Board Question (Dhaka, Chattogram, Barishal, Rajshahi, Cumilla, Dinajpur, jessore, sylhet, Madrashah, Technical)

In our site you will get HSC ICT Board question arranged here as per your needs.  Though the questions of the boards will be different from each other, the question pattern will be the same. So, it doesn’t matter which board you belong to. You can follow all our suggestions and tips as it will be effective for all the boards. We have also sorted out the questions of each board individually for your advantage. So go through our site and you will find everything required for a perfect preparation.

ICT Question 2024 Dhaka Board

In our site, we have specially arranged ICT question 2024 Dhaka board.  You know that the questions of Dhaka board are of high standard. That is why we have given these questions here for your better preparation.


HSC ICT Book PDF will be of great help for you in this stage. That is why we have published a book pdf here. Get it downloaded and keep on practicing. This is very much beneficial for your last moment preparation. ICT book for HSC is also here.

In fine, we pray and wish for your success. Stay honest, keep yourself fit and work hard with devotion, you will surely cut an excellent figure in the exam. More updates will come soon, so stay with us.


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